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4 Mobile Apps Improving Campus Safety

Posted by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner on June 7, 2017 at 3:13 PM
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Safety on school campuses is the primary concern for students, faculty, and parents nationwide. Heightened concern about security due to various high-profile incidents drives the demand for different technologies to enhance campus security and crisis reporting. Various apps have come to market to provide better real-time communications with a number of interesting features for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

What are the top mobile apps dedicated to improving campus safety? 

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  1. CampusSafe creates branded apps for schools to inform, report and assist students and faculty. The app provides easy access to emergency numbers for immediate assistance as well as resources to report suspicious activity or medium-priority needs such as a dorm lock out. CampusSafe also features a “blue light” alternative, in which a student can press and hold an emergency button for immediate dispatch of Public Safety. The app passes along the student’s location and tracks them until the situation has been resolved.
  1. LiveSafe is a mobile safety communications platform that includes features such as emergency location-tagged text, calls, photos, and videos, mass notifications, and relevant security resources. The cloud-based command dashboard receives tips in real time to allow officials to respond through secure live chat. LiveSafe also utilizes geo-location technology for certain features such as SafeWalk which lets users share their location with friends and family when they feel unsafe walking home.
  1. Circle of 6 is a safety app that allows the user to choose six people from their contacts to easily reach out to in an uncomfortable or emergency situation. The app allows students to send quick, automated texts to individuals in their circle like “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely” or “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” The app geo-locates the individual in case of emergency and provides direct access to specialized hotlines of the user’s choice.
  1. EmergenSee allows users to instantly stream audio, video and GPS data to trusted contacts for help in an emergency situation. There are other features available for a fee, such as a monitoring service that instantly connects you to security agents that will then send a first responder to your location or provide a live video escort. The service can be integrated into existing apps, such as branded college applications, via an API to provide the same safety services offered by the standalone application.


How can these apps improve?

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While these apps are packed with diverse and interesting features for reporting and monitoring dangerous situations, embedding instant calling directly into the application would further enhance the experience. i-Comm Connect’s TACTAL allows users to place a free, instant VoIP call to emergency responders without ever leaving the application, improving app functionality in the following four ways:

  1. Accessibility everywhere. If a student or app user is in an area with limited or no cell phone service, such as a basement or large event like a football game, they are currently unable to call in case of an emergency. With TACTAL, users can place a call over WiFi or limited data connection, allowing constant accessibility to emergency response teams.
  1. Get help faster. Users never have to leave the application to place a call, which speeds up the contact process in a crisis situation. TACTAL is also able to capture and display data surrounding each inbound call, such as the user’s identifying information and location for emergency responders to dispatch help faster.
  1. Dashboard calling. Some of the applications have a dashboard feature for local safety forces to monitor criminal activity and emergency reporting. If an emergency report comes in while they are on computer or tablet, they have to then pick up a separate phone to dial the person in need. TACTAL allows the responder to instantly click and call the student in crisis directly through the dashboard on any smart device connected to the internet for even quicker help.
  1. More Secure. TACTAL uses end-to-end encrypted VoIP technology so that calls are passed along a secure network to protect the private information of the caller. If campus apps are using the university’s authentication service, all student data is kept 100% safe when passing along caller information in an emergency.


With a simple SDK for iOS and Android, TACTAL can be easily embedded into any application for faster real-time communications. The campus safety industry is just one example of an area that can be transformed by TACTAL’s in-app calling feature. Want to learn more about how TACTAL can transform your app experience? Request a demo below, and a sales representative will contact you today!  

 Click here for a Free Demo of TACTAL 


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