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Elevate your Omnichannel Presence with Voice Escalation for Live Chat Applications

Posted by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner on January 30, 2019 at 3:47 PM
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Omnichannel is necessary for providing great customer service

Customers use a variety of channels to contact customer support representatives, including chat, phone calls, social media, email, web forms, and more. Offering multiple channels of communication, or an “omnichannel” solution, is important for businesses to please different customer preferences and those engaging with multiple devices throughout the day.

According to a study by the Aberdeen group, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared with 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. The two most popular common of real-time customer support are live chat and phone calls.

Chat provides an easy way for website visitors to engage with your brand

Chat applications such as Drift, Intercom, and LiveChat offer businesses a simple way for customers to interact while browsing their website. These communication tools allow agents to be proactive, interact with potential clients, or even utilize automated messaging options to bring customers further down the funnel before engaging directly. Chat also offers the ability to work with multiple clients at once. Some customers prefer the low-touch nature of chat as they can conduct initial inquiries without speaking to someone on the phone. However, there are times that a client has a pressing or personal need that requires voice support instantly.

Phone calls allow for faster problem resolution and agents to emotionally connect with the customer 

A 2018 study by New Voice Media found that 48% of participants indicated calling as their preferred method of communication and 56% considered calls to be the quickest way of resolving an issue. Additionally, phone calls present a better opportunity for agents to emotionally connect with the customer, which has a huge impact on success. In fact 86% of respondents in a 2018 New Voice Media study said that if they felt they’d made a positive emotional connection with a customer service agent, they’d be more likely to do business with that company again. Connecting with customers is a key differentiator in driving sales and building strong relationships, benefitting your business for years to come.

There are benefits and limitations of both channels, but it is clear that both are necessary for an organization to provide a customer service experience that meets the needs of different consumers. Businesses must offer a seamless, omnichannel solution and leverage each channel adequately to reduce churn and keep customers satisfied.

Is there a way to ensure your business leverages both live chat and phone calls all within one application?

Yes! TACTAL is partnering with Drift, the world’s leading “conversational marketing” and sales platform used by over 150,000 businesses, to embed call functionality or voice escalation into their software. Customers can request and agents can suggest that a voice call be started through the Drift chat window. This is a premier omnichannel solution that allows customers to engage with support representatives in exactly the method they want. 

Your business no longer has to choose between providing chat or a phone call. Just let the conversation take its course and escalate to voice when there is a need for quick resolution! 

**The TACTAL-Drift Integration will be available in March. Stay tuned for its release!**

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