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i-Comm Connect and WebRTC: The Future of Global Communications

Posted by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner on November 14, 2017 at 10:27 AM
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i-Comm Connect is dedicated to transforming the customer service industry by harnessing the power of the latest communications technologies. Our patented VoIP calling solution, TACTAL, utilizes WebRTC to provide secure, instant calling for our clients.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a collection of communications protocols and APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow for instant peer-to-peer connections over the internet in real time. The growing acceptance of this technology by industry giants demonstrates that we are early adopters of a technology shaping the future of global communications.

In September, Apple released major updates to iOS and Safari, including WebRTC compatibility, which makes TACTAL operational on all major browsers and smart-devices. All other major browsers had previously integrated WebRTC compatibility into their offering, except for a small plug-in necessary for Internet Explorer 11+, which is about 3% of the market. (To learn more about WebRTC browser compatibility, click here.) Because of the growing presence of WebRTC and real-time communications, i-Comm Connect continually improves and innovates our product to stay ahead of the market. 

TACTAL brings the power of WebRTC to any business

i-Comm Connect’s real-time communications solution delivers WebRTC technology to any client, regardless of size or development knowledge to fit their business needs. TACTAL is truly plug and play, which unlike Twillio, removes the burden required for development prior to implementation. With TACTAL, businesses can integrate secure click to call buttons into their website or mobile app for an improved customer calling experience and drastically reduced telecommunications expenses. The solution can be implemented in a few simple ways to fit each business’s specific needs.

  1. TACTAL WordPress pluginA TACTAL call button can be added to your WordPress website within minutes with our simple plug-in. Who is it for? This solution is perfect for local to small/medium businesses that want to easily tack on a call button to their website for enhanced customer engagement and seamless communication.


  1. TACTAL Subscription – With a TACTAL subscription your business has access to a self-admin panel that allows your organization to generate and manage call buttons easily. TACTAL calling functions on all WebRTC enabled browsers by embedding a single line of JavaScript snippet code generated in the admin panel. Who is it for? This solution scales from small and growing to large enterprise businesses, making it perfect for any sized business that wants to engage better with their customers.


  1. TACTAL SDK – TACTAL SDKs for iOS and Android are available for clients to integrate secure, one-touch calling directly into their mobile application. TACTAL utilizes WebRTC communications so that the user remains on the platform as they place a call for an uninterrupted app experience. The in-app calling also enables identifying data to be passed about the caller to the representative. Who is it for? TACTAL SDK integration is perfect for businesses with existing mobile applications that wish to improve the calling experience and provide more personalized service to their clientele. TACTAL also develops custom applications for businesses that do not yet have an app presence. 


Calls placed through TACTAL can be routed globally to any phone (SIP or PSTN) and integrated into any physical or virtual PBX system. Due to the complex and constantly changing landscape of VoIP and telco taxation and regulations, i-Comm Connect partners with Fore Street Telco to ensure proper taxation and billing of regulatory fees associated with hitting the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). i-Comm Connect also works closely with industry thought leaders and third-party developers to ensure we stay at the forefront of this budding technology and deliver the best in seamless, secure, and global WebRTC communications.

Are you interested in bringing WebRTC communications to your website or mobile app? Request a demo below! We look forward to enhancing your customer communications.

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