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i-Comm Connect October Update

Posted by Bella Nalle on November 16, 2017 at 10:41 AM

Partnership with Fore Street Telco

October was another busy month for i-Comm Connect! We officially partnered with Maine-based company Fore Street Telco. Fore Street Telco provides top level connections and bandwidth for business’s VoIP telecommunications services. This newly developed partnership will help ensure compliance with regulatory and taxation measures while being able to focus on delivering seamless web-based communications. In addition to SIP to SIP communication, our partnership ensures that our SIP to Public Switch Telecommunications Network (PSTN) communications are secure, seamless, and comply with regulatory laws.

WordPress plugin is live!

In other news, we recently developed a TACTAL WordPress plugin that can be added to any WordPress website within minutes. This new feature is ideal for smaller sized businesses that want the benefits of enhanced customer engagement and seamless communication, without the cost of hiring web developers. With this plugin, your customers will be able to easily call your business directly from your website, with the added benefits of reducing telco expensive and enhancing customer engagement with your website. The plugin is easy to implement and requires no additional software.

CCA Attendance and Start Up Showcase

On October 25th, we traveled to Forth Worth, Texas to showcase TACTAL at the CCA Annual Convention. The convention was hosted by the Competitive Carriers Association, and it gathered a multitude of different players in the industry, ranging from consultants to actual hardware and software providers. i-Comm Connect was fortunate enough to be selected as one of 10 startup companies to showcase their respective products. Our very own Head of Channels, Lev Noryan, presented TACTAL at the Start-Up showcase, where he talked about the value that TACTAL can bring to virtually any enterprise.

 i-Comm Connect Innovates Alongside WebRTC Developments

i-Comm Connect continues to stay on top of WebRTC technology developments and improve our product alongside major shifts in the industry. Earlier in the fall Apple released WebRTC computability for iOS and Safari, which means that TACTAL is now operational on all major browsers and smart-devices (with a small plug-in necessary for Internet Explorer 11+, is about 3% of the market.) We firmly believe that WebRTC is the future of global communications and we strive to harness the power of this technology in order to improve customer-to-business communications. 

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