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Part One: My Journey Towards WebRTC Client Software

Posted by Robert Wells on January 28, 2020 at 12:35 PM
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Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 12.21.41 PMI have worked in Silicon Valley for 20+ years at numerous cutting-edge tech companies and seen many fad technologies come and go. The one that has excited me most has been WebRTC. While WebRTC alone is not a game-changer, the applications and business implications it fuels are certainly disruptive.

First let me give you a little background about my history with business communications. In 2006 I worked for a company that licensed the Dummies brand from Wiley, called Lingua. We essentially created the Internet Phones For Dummies brand. We worked on VoIP phones, headsets, speakerphones, USB Phones and other accessories that connected to the net and used VoIP technology. It was an exciting time as we were one of few VoIP options other than Skype.

By 2008, 8x8 had developed a robust VoIP offering and in 2009 I decided to move to their Sales department to continue growing my career alongside new telecommunications technology offerings. 8x8 became one of the first companies offering Business VoIP, alongside Cisco. Over time, more features like call recording, online fax, contact center and omni-channel came into play. I saw the creation of UCaaS and CCaaS right before my eyes. By 2017, even more tools entered the market such as speech analytics and workforce management, tools that impacted productivity and communications on a global scale.

After being part of the original 8x8 UCaaS Sales crew for almost a decade, it was time for me to jump out of my comfort zone and find the next disruptive communications technology. In 2019 I stumbled across a WebRTC Instant Voice solution called TACTAL by i-Comm Connect. I quickly knew that this would be the next step in my career finding next-generation communications technology. I was drawn to TACTAL as the only plug and play WebRTC solution on the market that is easy and frictionless to deploy without costly and timely development work. Additionally, their patented Visual Directory is revolutionary. It connects you to the right agent, faster, cheaper, and with all the data and intent that companies so desperately need to understand the entire customer journey, which is unique to our value proposition and other companies can not provide. Never before has the context and intent been delivered in this way. I knew this would be so impactful and allow me to help create the next wave of success for companies globally.

My evolution towards WebRTC has been an exciting journey and I am pleased to provide an innovative solution to businesses looking to improve the customer journey. Please check back on Thursday for Part 2 of this blog post, where I discuss 4 strong use cases for why you and your team should be considering WebRTC technology now and not after your competition has left you back at the starting line.

Let's chat! Do you think WebRTC is changing the game? I would love to discuss the communications landscape with you. Feel free to reach out to rwells@icommconnect.com, drop a comment here, or give me a call below. 



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