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Part Two: My Journey Towards WebRTC Client Software (Four Use Cases for 2020)

Posted by Robert Wells on January 30, 2020 at 9:57 PM
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In Part One: My Journey Towards WebRTC Client Software I spoke about how I have seen my career evolve alongside cutting-edge communications technology. As I consider all the new communications technologies that have been introduced in the past ten years, WebRTC comes to mind as the one most revolutionary yet widely underused. I believe that 2020 is the year that it will become mainstream and companies will adapt this technology to meet their evolving needs. WebRTC has the power to vastly improve customer experience while reducing costs and can be tied into IoT and AI applications to bring your communications technology into the future. Here I will share 4 strong use cases to explain why you should be considering WebRTC voice technology now and not after your competition has left you back at the starting line.

  • Toll-Free and Global NumbersCall through data and chop toll-free and global number costs exponentially. When companies leverage WebRTC voice, a user clicks on a voice client instead of dialing a local, toll-free or international number. The company is now pushing call volume towards the web-based solution and no longer paying the costly per minute charges. This does not mean that companies can or should completely replace their numbers. The ability to click and connect creates a much faster, better experience and a huge cost savings for your company.
  • Customer Experience Made Easy – Click, Click, Boom! Companies and Contact Centers, especially those using IVRs, can benefit hugely from WebRTC voice channels. Combined with TACTAL’S patented visual directory you can be directed to any department (sales, support, billing etc.), saving 1-2 minutes upfront. The contextual data and intent of the call can now be delivered to the agent providing a much better experience. This leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers, which leads to higher retention rates and NPS scores benefitting your business for years to come.
  • Admin Portals  Ease of use resource connectivity when using Account Manager or Admin Portals. Companies that offer Account Manager Platforms or Admin Portals can offer the ability to connect with Customer Support, Billing or Customer Success right through the portal. Who does not want easy connectivity? Just another preferred advantage to leveraging WebRTC. Retain VIP Customer Loyalty.
  • Edge IoT – Communication for disaster prevention. Everything is connected to the web these days. If you had trouble with a major appliance and needed to get support, clicking the LCD display and talking directly with support would make life much easier.  As another example, a hospital can’t afford any system downtime. TACTAL’s IoT WebRTC solution sends out notifications of system maintenance or failure via SMS, Email or Voice, preventing many different types of disasters.

The outlook for 2020 and beyond using WebRTC Voice is in the billions of minutes per month. It is more cost effective than traditional telco rates and enhances digital to human interaction to improve customer experience and brand loyalty. If you would like to partner or collaborate further regarding WebRTC or if you would like a live demo of TACTAL WebRTC solution please reach out to me at rwells@icommconnect.com or call me through i-Comm Connect’s website at www.icommconnect.com. I look forward to continuing the conversation! 

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