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TACTAL Now Certified in the ServiceNow Store

Posted by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner on November 4, 2019 at 2:55 PM
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[NEW YORK, NY — Nov 5, 2019] i-Comm Connect today announced it has received certification of its application with ServiceNow, available now in the ServiceNow Store. Certification by ServiceNow is only granted to apps that have passed Now Platform security, compatibility, performance, and integration interoperability testing.  The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of TACTAL with ServiceNow.

TACTAL passes real time caller data into the ServiceNow platform when initiated from any digital touch point. By utilizing WebRTC technology, TACTAL captures and passes contextual data to your ServiceNow solution so agents provide a more efficient, personalized service.  As a cloud-based global solution, TACTAL lowers both telco and operating expenses.

“We are excited to be able to provide a more efficient contact experience for both customers and agents. By integrating TACTAL with ServiceNow, agents can handle incoming calls faster and with real-time contextual data on what a caller need is. Agents can see what the caller was looking at, and who they are; before answering the call via the ServiceNow portal,” says Mark Anderson, CTO at i-Comm Connect. “Agents can also use TACTAL to place an outbound call to the specific customer, creating a more seamless experience by a single click.”

About i-Comm Connect:

i-Comm Connect was founded in 2009 in Portland, ME and is dedicated to delivering innovative and disruptive technology to shape the future of global customer service through contextual communications. Please visit www.icommconnect.com for more information and call us through the website to try the TACTAL solution yourself!

ServiceNow Store

The ServiceNow Store is the exclusive source for Now Certified apps from ISV Technology Partners that complement and extend ServiceNow and accelerate time to value for customers.

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