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Uber’s Customer Experience Without the Price Tag: Real-Time Communications for Your Business with the Right CPaaS Solution

Posted by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner on January 16, 2019 at 1:42 PM
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In the fall of 2018, Uber announced a proprietary in-app communications solution that allows riders and drivers to communicate directly through the app via VoIP. As data is typically less expensive than a cellular connection, particularly when traveling internationally, users can save money by placing a VoIP call within the app instead of a traditional cellular call.

A smooth and safe pick up is key to Uber’s value proposition, so they developed a way for users to maintain a user’s privacy while ensuring voice and text communication are available within the app. Uber solved a specific communications problem of theirs with large-scale development costing millions of dollars. They were able to protect their bottom line, improve the customer experience, and continue to grow globally through their in-app communications initiative.

But, what if you are a company that wants to improve customer communications and don’t have the spending power of Uber? Is there anything you can do?

Yes, and the answer is CPaaS.

What is CPaaS you ask?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service, which is a cloud-based platform that lets you to add real-time communications features such as voice and text to different areas of your business without additional infrastructure.

Channel Partners recently released the “CPaaS Seller’s Guide: The Value-Add in Real-Time Communications” with useful information on the value of CPaaS solutions in augmenting your business’s existing customer experience.  

“CPaaS doesn’t replace existing wide area services but rather provides a set of cloud based functions and capabilities that can allow businesses to integrate voice, video and text communications into any business application. CPaaS can enhance the value of those traditional network services and integrate them with mobile capabilities and cloud-based intelligence as part of a wholesale digital transformation.”

The Channel Partners deep-dive goes on to explain how businesses can achieve similar results to Uber’s costly communications development work through CPaaS solutions that do not require a complete overhaul.

“Up until now, use of CPaaS-enabled capabilities has been restricted to developers and large-scale commercial initiatives involving multimillion dollar development efforts… The idea behind CPaaS is to help contact center operators add enhanced network capabilities to virtually any business application without the cost, complexity and risk involved with an internal development.”

Where can you find a CPaaS solution to augment your customer-to-business communications?

At TACTAL, we know that not every company has the development budget that Uber does and still wants to offer the same level of customer service. Our innovative CPaaS solution allows you to place call buttons on your website or mobile app for customers to click and instantly connect the right agent. With our patented Visual IVR feature, the user can navigate to a specific department or individual for their question, simplifying the user experience and putting the control in their hands. Additionally, on your end the agent has context about the incoming call and the customer is happier, therefore easier for your agents to address.

Do you want seamless in-app communications like Uber at a fraction of the price?

TACTAL has already developed SDKs for iOS and Android, which takes out the large-scale development work to improve your in-app communications. The SDK keeps calls native to your company's application, which cuts costs for both you and the customer and enables data to be collected about the caller in order to understand your customers and tailor marketing efforts. 

The TACTAL SDK can offer you the same instant, secure, seamless customer experience as Uber’s app, at a fraction of the cost! 

Want to see the TACTAL SDK in action?

Check out the TACTAL app. It showcases toll-free, directory-based in app calling to individual team members, which can be replicated for any business to provide a better call experience for customers and employees.

Do you want to add instant, directory-based calling to your mobile app? Click Here to Call Us, email, or request a demo below!

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