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How VoIP is Revolutionizing Communications in the Airline Industry

Posted by Maisie Silverman on June 12, 2017 at 12:12 PM

Over the past five years, there has been an increase in the deployment of VoIP systems in small, medium, and large enterprise businesses. As VoIP technology continues to evolve, companies have become more accepting of adopting this technology into their corporate and public networking areas.  A particular industry, which is just now rapidly starting to switch over to VoIP technology is the travel industry, specifically airline companies.


Why are airports and airplane corporations moving to VoIP?

There are many incentives for airports and airlines to transition from PSTN to VoIP communications. The biggest appeal to move to VoIP is that it significantly reduces costs, while simultaneously improves communication between customers and representatives, as well as between air traffic controllers and other employees within the corporation.

In the travel industry, providing exceptional customer service is vital to making a passenger’s experience successful. When a customer has an inquiry or needs to be informed about a change, they want instant communication with a representative, rather than a tedious phone call, which often involves calling a toll free number, being stuck on hold, and talking to an automated, impersonal recording. i-Comm Connect’s TACTAL provides an instant call button for customers to connect with representatives instantly -- no cellular service required, just an internet connection!

Also, for airline corporations to run smoothly and safely, employees need to have reliable, constant communication with each other. Whether it is discussing the weather, arrival times, passenger information, or other urgent matters, i-Comm Connect’s TACTAL enables airline companies to provide immediate internal communication between workers. 

Not only does adopting VoIP enhance customer and employee satisfaction, but it also provides the tools to increase sales by extracting data to create buyer personas, which can help target potential customers.

In addition, one of the most pressing concerns airlines deal with is ensuring reliability, safety, and security to their customers. Since TACTAL is a completely secure and encrypted solution, there are no threats or concerns when implementing it into companies’ telecommunication systems. 

Recent incidents with Delta and United Airlines highlight the inefficiencies of airline companies’ communication systems. These events have proven even more incentives for airline corporations to switch to VoIP systems.


Overall, due to the various benefits of VoIP services, airline companies, as well as airports, in general, are following the trend to switch to VoIP telecommunications. Therefore, it is inevitable in the years to come that VoIP calling services, such as TACTAL, will revolutionize and benefit airline companies and the travel industry for years to come.

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